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Dear music friend

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"Some things can only be seen with your eyes closed."

Let me take you on a journey through a landscape of sound and imagination. Blending improvisation, electronic music, and classical piano.

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"Pintures" will be a musical invitation to get lost in your own thoughts and emotions. The pieces are woven together differently every night to discover together what can be seen when your eyes are closed.

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Upcoming concerts

22-05-2023 - Rozet - Arnhem

03-06-2023 - voorprogramma Eric Vloeimans - Ravenstein = tickets

13-07-2023 - Huiskamerconcert 1 - Arnhem = tickets 
14-07-2023 - Huiskamerconcert 2 - Arnhem = tickets 

15-07-2023 - Huiskamerconcert 3 - Arnhem = tickets 

Nieuwe data komen vanaf September!

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