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About Daniël Tomàs

Explore the eclectic worlds of intimate piano's, deep synths and ethereal effects of Daniël Tomàs narrative, instrumental music.


He mainly played as a touring musician in many different groups, when the pandemic brought him back to the essentials of his music: solo.
The lockdown forced him towards introspection and every morning he sat behind his childhood piano and recorded his improvisations.
It was throughout this proces that he rediscovered the beauty of his childhood piano, being combined with felt before the hammers, which gives it an intimate mood. This led to the decision to further develop the improvisations and record the piano in the same room as where he spent almost all of his childhood hours studying, resulting in the album: “Pintures”.


“Pintures” (- French for: “painting” but also meaning piano textures) is about the power of imagination.
Although the music is recorded from an introspective perspective, the effects and vocals are creating a whole new world ‘behind’ the music.

Every song is a new painting, it has its own journey through intimate and distant worlds, but always has the same intimate felt piano keeping you ‘home’ in a certain kind of way.


The album will be released end 2022.

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